1000’s of Micro Channels for Youthful Skin with MicroNeedling

In our busy world, it can occasionally be difficult to take time out for a laser treatment. Did you know that MicroNeedling at MediSpa Maui is a collagen stimulating treatment that involves zero downtime? Or that MicroNeedling can be performed on any skin type or color? No need to worry about any suntan on your face with MicroNeedling. Of course it goes without saying that you should be wearing your sunscreen!

MicroNeedling is a safe, chemical free treatment that triggers new collagen. This non-surgical option is a wonderful choice for patients that don’t want the downtime of a laser treatment like CO2. MicroNeedling creates healthier, younger looking skin by stimulating collagen. The MicroNeedling device contains wheels of small needles that penetrate the surface of the skin to create thousands of superficial micro channels. It’s this controlled slight ‘injury’ to the skin that pumps up the collagen and elastin production. The surface of the skin is left intact, but below the skin your collagen is busy plumping, filling and firming.

MicroNeedling may improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, unwanted skin pigmentation, and other scars. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. It aids with enhanced product absorption, allowing medical-grade skin care products to work to the best of their abilities during the healing process. With a MicroNeedling treatment regimen, your skin will become smoother, firmer, and tighter. By doing MicroNeedling at MediSpa Maui versus using an at-home device, you’re greatly reducing the risk of potential infection.

Typically we recommend a series of 6 MicroNeedling treatments, performed once per month, with long lasting results. During our April promotion receive FREE MicroNeedling with the purchase of Thermi Tight—the perfect time to try it! ($350 value) Call us to book your MicroNeedling treatment today at (808) 879-4909. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with MediSpa Maui News, Events and Specials. Mahalo!

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