8 Treatments to Smooth Summer Skin with Laser Hair Removal

When you’re feeling pressed for time in the morning, do you dash through your shower without shaving your legs? When all know that little task takes some time. Consider laser hair removal, a wonderful choice for those of us that are tired of shaving. It’s also an option for people that have unwanted hair growth, or issues with ingrown hairs. At MediSpa Maui we have the most advanced laser treatments for effective reduction of unwanted, dark-pigmented hair for men and women of most skin types.  

At MediSpa Maui, we use the LightSheer which is a pulse diode laser. During a laser hair removal treatment, the laser emits a light that is absorbed by the hair pigment. This very brief pulse of laser light is enough to damage the follicle. Our laser at MediSpa Maui also has a contact cooling hand piece for your comfort, appropriately called the ChillTip.

After completing a series of laser hair removal treatments, you’ll see an 85% – 95% clearance of the hair. After each treatment you’ll see a 15% to 20% reduction in hair. We typically recommend about 8 treatments. The number of treatments is unique to each person. It depends on hair texture and color. Laser hair removal works best on darker, coarser hair. These treatments aren’t effective on white, blonde, gray or red hairs because of a lack of pigment.

We offer laser hair removal on most areas of the body for softer, smoother skin. This is a quick and easy treatment with no downtime. You may experience some redness up to the first 24 hours. As always, use your sunscreen (a minimum of 30 SPF) to protect the skin post treatment. Don’t miss our Laser Hair Removal GIVEAWAY during March on Facebook! For our MediSpa Maui March Promotion we are offering a free 2nd smaller area with purchase of a Laser Hair Removal series. Call us for details, we’ll help you get that skin silky smooth! (808) 879-4909

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