2 Beauties Share Their CoolSculpting Success: Mrs. and Ms. Hawaii 2015

We’ve had some really exciting news this summer at MediSpa Maui! Two of our own MediSpa Maui ladies have been crowned! Mrs. Hawaii Caroline Absolom and Ms. Hawaii Flecha Tovar are now moving forward to compete for Mrs. and Ms. America. During their pageant journey, the ladies attribute some of their self-confidence to the success of their own CoolSculpting treatments with Dr. Stolley.

We all have those stubborn areas of fat that may not respond to the effort and pain we’re putting in at the gym—even beauty queens! MediSpa Maui has a ‘cool’ way to reduce the fat in those stubborn areas with zero downtime. CoolSculpting, which is a device made by Zeltiq, is a non-invasive fat freezing procedure that is FDA-cleared. There’s no downtime with CoolSculpting, so our Mrs. and Ms. Hawaii don’t even have to slow down on their quest for the crown. That means you don’t have to slow down after CoolSculpting either!

In Ms. Hawaii Flecha Tovar’s words, “Without CoolSculpting and the help of Dr. Brian Stolley and MediSpa Maui, I would not have had the confidence to get up on stage and compete for Ms. Hawaii. CoolSculpting was able to target those hard to treat areas that I was unable to lose with exercise and dieting. Thank you so much Dr. Stolley and CoolSculpting!”

Mrs. Hawaii Caroline Absolom shares a similar view on CoolSculpting: “Have I had CoolSculpting? I’m 41 years old and won a beauty pageant. Of course I’ve had CoolSculpting!” We’re so proud of Mrs. Hawaii!

CoolSculpting is such an exciting treatment for fat reduction. When you couple that with the willingness of our ladies to share their own personal testimonies, it drives the excitement that much higher. Are you interested in learning more about this non-invasive treatment to reduce stubborn areas of fat? Call us for a complimentary consultation at (808) 879-4909. This month only we’re offering 50% off a 2nd area of CoolSculpting, when you purchase the 1st area at full price. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be a MediSpa Maui Fan and stay up-to-date with Giveaways, Events, and Promotions.

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