Sharing our New MediSpa Maui Home with YOU and Fantastic February Specials

We’ve opened new doors, and we’re doing new things her at MediSpa Maui! We’re in our new home on South Kihei Road, complete with our new sign that just went up today. To celebrate our move-in, we’re offering several fantastic February specials. This is our way of saying a BIG thank you to our patients for your continued support of MediSpa Maui. You were very patient with us while we went through the process of moving, and we really appreciate that.


Botox Special:
$12 per unit when you purchase 50+ units and additional $20 Off
Purchase 50 units and a 5ML Latisse and receive a FREE 3ML Latisse ($150 Value)
Purchase 100 units and receive a FREE 5ML Latisse ($225 Value)

Filler Special:
Voluma: $320 OFF each syringe (Reg Price $1200 per syringe)
Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Restylane, Perlane and Belotero- $70 off each syringe (Reg Price $600 per syringe)
Receive a FREE TNS Eye Cream or Colorescience Sunforgettable mineral powder when you purchase 2 syringes of any filler ($95 Value)
Receive a FREE Vitalize Peel & FREE TNS Eye Cream or Colorescience Sunforgettable mineral powder when you purchase 4 syringes of any filler ($245 Value)

Photofacials, 1540′s & Venus Skin Firming:
35% OFF your treatments and receive a 4th Treatment FREE when you purchase a series of 3 or more
Total FX Fractional Resurfacing: $500 Off

Coolsculpting:  $500 OFF any treatment of 2 or more cycles
Laser Hair Removal:  Purchase 5 treatments of any area & receive 2 FREE Underarm Treatments
Peel Special: Purchase 3 Vitalize or Rejuvenize Peels: Receive a FREE 4th Peel and $100 in FREE Products ($250-$350 value)
Spa Facials:  Receive a FREE Venus Skin Firming treatment with your Spa Facial ($150 Value)
Latisse Specials:  Receive a FREE 3ml when you purchase a 5ml Receive 2 FREE 3ml when you purchase 2 5ml Receive 3 FREE 3ml when you purchase 3 5ml

Thank you~ We look forward to sharing our new MediSpa Maui with you!

Dr Brian Stolley and the MediSpa Maui Team

1445 South Kihei Road



Ring in the Holidays with Botox Looking Smooth and Refreshed

Is Botox on your Christmas list? Wanting to look smooth and refreshed around the Christmas tree? Santa asked us to help you with that! Botox Cosmetic is a well-loved product that we’ve been using at MediSpa Maui for years. Botox is a great way to reduce lines and wrinkles in various areas of your face and neck. Botox is a purified protein that comes from a bacteria. This is a natural protein that works between the nerve ending and the muscle. Botox blocks the communication between the nerve ending and the muscle so the muscle doesn’t contract. This means softer facial expressions!

Botox Cosmetic is FDA approved for use in the frown lines and the squint lines. At MediSpa Maui we inject Botox in the forehead, between the eyes, the chin, in the down turn of the mouth, and in the muscles of the neck. Botox also has many FDA approved uses for medical reasons such as migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Botox has been around for more than 20 years from a medical standpoint, and 8 to 10 years from a cosmetic standpoint. It is a very safe way to reduce lines and wrinkles of action. It provides a smooth and soft look by reducing the action of these muscles. Picture yourself at special holiday events with a smoother forehead and softened crow’s feet.

Common dosages include 20 to 25 units in the frown area (between eyebrows), and about 12 units per side in the squint area along the eyes. Every Botox treatment is unique, so come in and see us and we’ll determine the best number of units for your needs. Our November Promotion offers a FREE Venus Skin Firming Treatment when you purchase Botox and Fillers ($250 value). Call us for details and appointments at (808) 879-4909. You can also visit our website at ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook to stay up-to-the-minute on Special Events, Promotions, and News. Happy Holidays!

Free Venus Skin Firming with Botox/Filler!

A ‘Cool’ Way to Reduce Fat with 0 Downtime – CoolSculpting at MediSpa Maui

Sometimes the ‘no pain, no gain’ rule just doesn’t quite work in our favor. Those stubborn areas of fat may not respond to the effort and pain we’re putting in at the gym. So what if we told you at MediSpa Maui we have a ‘cool’ way to reduce the fat in those stubborn areas with zero downtime? Now you’re listening! Today we are talking about CoolSculpting, which is a device made by Zeltiq. In a nutshell, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat freezing procedure that is FDA-cleared. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, there’s also no downtime with CoolSculpting.

At MediSpa Maui we’ve had the CoolSculpting device for over a year, and we’ve been very happy with it. It treats stubborn areas of fat on your body, also referred to as pockets of fat, where fat can be difficult to get rid of on your own. It is often used in the abdominal area, the flanks (our lovehandles), and on the inner and outer thighs. CoolSculpting is unique in that it uses cold to remove the fat. Our fat cells are rather tolerant of heat, but they’re intolerant of cold. The CoolSculpting device essentially takes the temperature of the tissue down to a little bit above freezing and the fat cells actually crystallize, then die. Skin doesn’t crystallize due to the water content of skin, so it remains untouched and protected.

There are several different adapters or handpieces that we can use to treat the different areas of the body. The treatment is done for about an hour, and the patient gets to relax at this time. During the treatment a patient can nap, read a good book, or check email. It gets rid of about 25% of the fat in a given area. CoolSculpting can be done as a stand-alone treatment, or a one-time procedure, but some patients will choose to do it a couple of times to get rid of about half the fat in a given area. The benefits of this device include no real downtime, it is non-invasive, and it is a good alternative to a procedure like invasive liposuction. It is important to remember that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure, it is a spot reduction procedure. I had the procedure down myself over the abdomen, and I noticed a nice improvement. Some patients, myself included, noticed some numbness and tingling in the area that lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks and then improves over time. I look and feel great now!

Recently on E! News there was a segment on CoolSculpting from the patient’s perspective of what it’s like to have the treatment done. The segment also shared some great educational material about CoolSculpting. I recommend that you go to the E! News segment and check it out. You can find a link to the segment on our Facebook page at MediSpa Maui, as well as our video blog .

MediSpa Maui is hosting a special event later in October for CoolSculpting. If you’re interested in attending or if you have any questions, please call us at (808) 879-4909. We’d love to hear from you.Thank you!

 Dr. Brian Stolley

Owner and Medical Director

Say ‘Bye Bye Spots’ in 4 to 7 Days with IPL at MediSpa Maui

Fall is upon us, and after a summer of fun-in-the-sun this is a perfect time to talk about Intense Pulse Light treatment at MediSpa Maui. Actually, it is always a good time to talk about Intense Pulse Light and how we can help improve our skin from sun damage—it is always sunny and warm out here in Hawaii! We’re able to spend a lot of time outdoors in our climate, and outdoors means potential sun damage.

Here at MediSpa Maui, we use the Palomar Cynosure device for our Intense Pulse Light treatment, which is a great device. Intense Pulse Light, or IPL, is also commonly known as a PhotoFacial. Essentially it’s a flash of light that goes into the skin and the light energy hits certain pigments. It will hit browns and reds in particular, so we can treat freckles, age spots, sun spots, blood vessels, and rosacea. As we’re treating the skin with these pulses of intense light, we can lift off a lot of the damaging effects that we visibly see from the sun. There are also some subtle changes that happen, such as improvement in the texture of the skin as well as decreased pore size. These are all really nice benefits of IPL. Another significant benefit of IPL is that there is no downtime following this treatment. If you have a lot of brown spots you’ll actually see those brown spots get a little darker for about 4 to 7 days and come to the surface before they slough off. Our patients here at MediSpa Maui love to see that pigment leaving—’bye bye spots!’ If you have blood vessels, they may actually get a little rosier immediately following the treatment. On rare occasions these vessels may get a little puffy. For example if you have a lot of blood vessels under the eyes, they may be puffy for a day or two.

IPL is best done in a series. Often times we’ll see this process get better and better with each IPL treatment. After the treatment your skin might feel a little rosy, almost like you have a bit of a sunburn. You’re able to apply sunscreen and make up, and go about your day. A benefit about the ease of IPL is that it’s a non-ablative treatment, unlike some of the other devices we use here at MediSpa Maui that actually lift off the skin.  With an IPL, the skin stays intact. IPL can successfully be combined with microdermabrasion, peels, and other various treatments.

With our September Special, if you purchase a series of IPL you receive a COMPLIMENTARY Peel or DermaSweep!  That’s a nice way to combine the benefits because we can work on the surface with certain treatments and work deeper with other treatments. It’s very effective also to combine the IPL with our medical-grade skin care products. Nothing beats a great home regimen! If you have any further questions, please give us a call here at MediSpa Maui at (808) 879-4909, or go to our website at “LIKE” us on Facebook to stay up-to-the-minute on our Special Events, Promotions, and Giveaways. Some restrictions apply on the IPL special, please call us for details.


IPL Results on a MediSpa Maui Patient


Dr. Brian Stolley

Owner & Medical Director



Youth Times 2—Volumize the UPPER Face and Lift the LOWER Face with a Liquid Lift by MediSpa Maui

We hear the phrase ‘Liquid Lift’ but do we know what it means? A ride on a wave, or tipping back a cool drink?! No indeed! It means bringing back the youth to our faces, times 2—volumize the upper face AND lift the lower face. A Liquid Lift at MediSpa Maui may also be called facial contouring or facial sculpting. Essentially a Liquid Lift is addressing the issues that affect us as we age—primarily the loss of volume in our face, particularly the upper face. As we age, we go from what we commonly refer to as the “triangle of youth” with our fullest volume in our upper face, to the “pyramid of age” with our volume sinking into the lower half of our face.

This process starts quite young in our mid to late 20’s as we begin losing volume in the temples, the cheeks, and under the eyes as well. As we lose this volume the face will go from the triangle of youth to becoming more squared off and eventually turning into that pyramid of age. At any point in this aging process we can address this at MediSpa Maui by adding volume back in the form of fillers. We can also use Botox and Dysport to help with some of the frown lines, squint lines, and forehead lines. Botox and Dysport may also achieve an opening up of the eyes and a lifting of the brows.

The fillers that we commonly use here at MediSpa Maui include the Juvederm family of fillers: Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, and Juvederm Voluma. Voluma has the added benefit of lasting for up to 2 years in the cheeks. Sometimes we also use Restylane or Perlane in different areas of the face. Lastly we can use ArteFill, which can provide volume for 5 years or longer.

A Liquid Lift is truly a customized treatment for the patient. Not any one treatment is the same. A Liquid Lift can be done in a short period of time with one or two treatments, or it can be done over several months. Typically we’re treating the temples, cheeks, under the eyes, nasolabial folds, fine lines around the mouth, the lips, marionette lines and the jawline. Fillers can be used in all these areas to rejuvenate the face and give it a more youthful appearance.

When patients come see us, we assess the face to determine what is best for the patient and our course of action with fillers. If you have any further questions about fillers you can give us a call at MediSpa Maui at (808) 879-4909, or visit our website at Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with promotions, special events, and giveaways.

 Dr. Brian Stolley

Owner & Medical Director of MediSpa Maui

Coolsculpting Event Wednesday June 4th, 2014!

RSVP for our event next Wednesday and receive $500 OFF of your Coolsculpting treatment!

The only non-invasive, non-surgical option proven to reduce stubborn areas of fat by 20-25% per treatment with absolutely NO downtime!

WHEN: Next Wednesday June 4th: Consultation times available from 10am-5pm

WHERE: MediSpa Maui Kihei

DETAILS: We will be offering Complimentary Private Consultations and Education with our Staff and CoolSculpting Specialist. And the best part? We are offering $500 Off your treatment!

Common Treatment Areas: Abdomen, Love Handles, Upper and Lower Back, Inner and Outer Thighs, Arms.

Call Today for details and to RSVP. Go to learn more about this incredible treatment.

We look forward to seeing you,

Dr Brian Stolley and Team at MediSpa Maui


Pre-Holiday Specials at MediSpa Maui!

The approaching Holidays present the perfect opportunity to get your skin looking radiant!

Lights, Lasers and Medical Aesthetic Specials:

1540/IPL Packages: 40% OFF and $288 of FREE Products

IPL/Peel Packages: 40% OFF and $185 of FREE Products

Venus Skin Firming Facial Packages: As low as $140 per treatment *No downtime and incredible pre-event to firm and give you a beautiful glow

Dermasweep Packages: $85 of FREE Products

Vitalize/Rejuvenize Peel Packages: $100 of FREE Products

All About the Eyes!:

Purchase 20 Units of Botox and a 5ML Latisse and receive a FREE Vitalize Peel ($150 Value)

Please visit our website at to see before and after photos of our patients and call today to start (or continue!) to see incredible changes in your skin with a customized treatment plan with us.  Feel free to book a complimentary refresher consultation to determine which treatments would best benefit your skin.  All Specials are being offered in October 2013 for treatment and/or pre-purchase.

Thank You and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr Brian Stolley and The MediSpa Maui Team


Botox for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

I recently treated a patient’s underarms for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.  She had previously been treated by me 10 months ago for the first time, and was extremely happy with the results.  She described the treatment and its results as life changing as excessive sweating has been a lifelong challenge for her.  Not being able to wear clothes without a jacket, constant worrying about “when it was going to happen and needing to quickly change tops” is no longer a concern.  The anxiety and stress associated with her excessive sweating made it hard for her to feel comfortable in public and in a working environment.

Talking with my patient, hearing her story, and understanding the impact that my Botox treatment made in the quality of her life inspired me to write about it.  I want to let others who may be living a similar experience know that there are treatment options.  Patients do not have to endure the physical and psychological issues of excessive sweating.

Botox for hyperhidrosis has been performed for several years and has received FDA approval for axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis.  The act of sweeting is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.  That is why when we get anxious a common response is to sweat.  Botox works by blocking the nerve ending from releasing acetylcholine.  Without acetylcholine bathing sweat gland, it will not produce and release sweat.

To treat this condition it generally takes about 50-60 units per underarm and the result lasts anywhere from 3 months to a year.  The onset of sweating is generally gradual and it is up to the patient to decide when they want to repeat the treatment.  If you have any questions about this, please call (808) 879-4909 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Dr. Brian Stolley and the Team at MediSpa Maui




2-Day Event at MediSpa Maui

Aloha Friends,

We are thrilled to announce another 2-Day Artefill Event here at MediSpa Maui Kihei, Monday and Tuesday September 23rd & 24th.

Artefill is the only FDA approved treatment to rebuild your own Collagen with results lasting 5-10 years!  This is an incredible opportunity to receive a complimentary 30 minute consult with an Artefill Educator and Professional Aesthetic Consultant we’re flying in for this exclusive event.  Learn more about how Artefill can restore a youthful appearance with beautiful, immediate and lasting results.

In addition to offering Artefill at the lowest price of the year, with purchase you will receive a Complimentary Regenica Overnight Repair ($185 Value).  Regenica contains a diverse mixture of Growth Factors and soluble human proteins such as collagen which support our stem cells, the cells responsible for renewing our skin throughout our lives.

Call for details and to secure your spot as space is limited.  Refreshments and Hors d’oeuvres will be served all day.

We look forward to seeing you,

Dr Brian Stolley and Team at MediSpa Maui