Coolsculpting Event Wednesday June 4th, 2014!

RSVP for our event next Wednesday and receive $500 OFF of your Coolsculpting treatment!

The only non-invasive, non-surgical option proven to reduce stubborn areas of fat by 20-25% per treatment with absolutely NO downtime!

WHEN: Next Wednesday June 4th: Consultation times available from 10am-5pm

WHERE: MediSpa Maui Kihei

DETAILS: We will be offering Complimentary Private Consultations and Education with our Staff and CoolSculpting Specialist. And the best part? We are offering $500 Off your treatment!

Common Treatment Areas: Abdomen, Love Handles, Upper and Lower Back, Inner and Outer Thighs, Arms.

Call Today for details and to RSVP. Go to learn more about this incredible treatment.

We look forward to seeing you,

Dr Brian Stolley and Team at MediSpa Maui


Pre-Holiday Specials at MediSpa Maui!

The approaching Holidays present the perfect opportunity to get your skin looking radiant!

Lights, Lasers and Medical Aesthetic Specials:

1540/IPL Packages: 40% OFF and $288 of FREE Products

IPL/Peel Packages: 40% OFF and $185 of FREE Products

Venus Skin Firming Facial Packages: As low as $140 per treatment *No downtime and incredible pre-event to firm and give you a beautiful glow

Dermasweep Packages: $85 of FREE Products

Vitalize/Rejuvenize Peel Packages: $100 of FREE Products

All About the Eyes!:

Purchase 20 Units of Botox and a 5ML Latisse and receive a FREE Vitalize Peel ($150 Value)

Please visit our website at to see before and after photos of our patients and call today to start (or continue!) to see incredible changes in your skin with a customized treatment plan with us.  Feel free to book a complimentary refresher consultation to determine which treatments would best benefit your skin.  All Specials are being offered in October 2013 for treatment and/or pre-purchase.

Thank You and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr Brian Stolley and The MediSpa Maui Team


Botox for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

I recently treated a patient’s underarms for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.  She had previously been treated by me 10 months ago for the first time, and was extremely happy with the results.  She described the treatment and its results as life changing as excessive sweating has been a lifelong challenge for her.  Not being able to wear clothes without a jacket, constant worrying about “when it was going to happen and needing to quickly change tops” is no longer a concern.  The anxiety and stress associated with her excessive sweating made it hard for her to feel comfortable in public and in a working environment.

Talking with my patient, hearing her story, and understanding the impact that my Botox treatment made in the quality of her life inspired me to write about it.  I want to let others who may be living a similar experience know that there are treatment options.  Patients do not have to endure the physical and psychological issues of excessive sweating.

Botox for hyperhidrosis has been performed for several years and has received FDA approval for axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis.  The act of sweeting is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.  That is why when we get anxious a common response is to sweat.  Botox works by blocking the nerve ending from releasing acetylcholine.  Without acetylcholine bathing sweat gland, it will not produce and release sweat.

To treat this condition it generally takes about 50-60 units per underarm and the result lasts anywhere from 3 months to a year.  The onset of sweating is generally gradual and it is up to the patient to decide when they want to repeat the treatment.  If you have any questions about this, please call (808) 879-4909 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Dr. Brian Stolley and the Team at MediSpa Maui




2-Day Event at MediSpa Maui

Aloha Friends,

We are thrilled to announce another 2-Day Artefill Event here at MediSpa Maui Kihei, Monday and Tuesday September 23rd & 24th.

Artefill is the only FDA approved treatment to rebuild your own Collagen with results lasting 5-10 years!  This is an incredible opportunity to receive a complimentary 30 minute consult with an Artefill Educator and Professional Aesthetic Consultant we’re flying in for this exclusive event.  Learn more about how Artefill can restore a youthful appearance with beautiful, immediate and lasting results.

In addition to offering Artefill at the lowest price of the year, with purchase you will receive a Complimentary Regenica Overnight Repair ($185 Value).  Regenica contains a diverse mixture of Growth Factors and soluble human proteins such as collagen which support our stem cells, the cells responsible for renewing our skin throughout our lives.

Call for details and to secure your spot as space is limited.  Refreshments and Hors d’oeuvres will be served all day.

We look forward to seeing you,

Dr Brian Stolley and Team at MediSpa Maui


True or False: How Much do You Know About SkinCare?

Want to see how much you know about skincare?  Test your knowledge with these 4 common misconceptions to find out if you are an expert!

1. The higher the SPF the more protection you will get.

True – sort of.  After an SPF of 30 the increased amount of protection received is minimal.  Increasing your SPF to a 40 will only give you a 1% increase in the protection factor.  The trick is reapplying which should be done every 90 minutes.


2. The packaging of a product makes no difference in its efficacy.

False.  Many of the active ingredients in products require airless pumps to remain stable.  For certain products, packaging them in jars can cause many problems including bacteria growth and loss of efficacy.


3. The more product you use the better result you will get.

False.  Medical grade products contain a high percentage of active ingredient and generally requires a pea size amount for the face to be effective. The skin can only absorb so much product; applying too much is wasteful.


4. Drying out oily or problematic skin is the best way to get rid of acne.

False.  Many people automatically think that oil is the enemy when they have a condition like acne.  Their instinct is to strip it away most often using a harsh product.  This actually results in a higher oil production.  Your sebaceous glands go into overdrive trying to replace the oil that was taken away.  Oil production should be balanced.  Try using an exfoliating cleanser like SkinCeuticals Clarifying Cleanser followed by a light moisturizer such as SkinMedica’s Ultra Sheer Moisturizer.  Always apply an SPF of 30 or higher.  This will help protect your skin against sun-damage and potential scarring from acne lesions.

FDA Issues New Warning to Consumers About Fake Botox

The FDA has released a statement warning consumers and health practitioners about counterfeit Botox being sold on the market.  This conterfeit product is not approved by the FDA and could be potentially damaging to the consumer.  According to the report, the fraudulent Botox is being purchased from a company called “Online Botox Pharmacy” and  The outer packaging looks exactly the same as the real product sold by Allergan however, the actual vial of Botox is in a different packaging consistent with a type of Botox sold overseas and not approved by the FDA.

Unfortunately, warnings like this are becoming more and more common making it essential that you, the consumer, receive treatment from a practice that you know and trust.  Don’t be afraid to ask the injector to open the product in front of you and feel free to ask questions about where the practice acquires its products from.

At MediSpa Maui, we purchase all of our Botox directly from Allergan; the maker of Botox, Juvederm and Latisse.  Dr. Stolley is an Allergan Certified Trainer, which means that he is contracted by Allergan to train other physicians how to administer the product.  He is also the number one provider of Botox and Juvederm in the state of Hawai’i.

To read the warning issued by the FDA click here

Call our office at (808) 879-4909 with any questions regarding Botox or to schedule a Complimentary Consultation with one of our SkinCare Specialists.

Win an Ultherapy Treatment at MediSpa Maui!

What is the Ultherapy “Out with the Old Scarf | In with a New Neck” Facebook contest?

Ultherapy’s “Out with the Old Scarf | In with a New Neck!” Facebook campaign brings attention to the treatment’s unique indication to lift the skin on the neck by empowering women to do away with their scarves and show-off their necks…after having the Ultherapy treatment.

Women will be encouraged to mail in an “old” scarf for a chance to win an Ultherapy treatment. During the submission process, they will supply their contact information and be connected to a nearby practice from which they can learn more about Ultherapy.

The grand prize winner will be selected at random and will be awarded a full-face and full-neck treatment from a participating Ultherapy provider of their choice.

What are the contest details?

  • When: The contest will run until 8/31/13.
  • Prize: One winner will be randomly selected by 9/13/13. This winner will receive a full-face and full-neck Ultherapy treatment from MediSpa Maui.
  • Where:

    How to Enter: Consumers must complete two steps to enter the contest:

o Fill out an online entry form, supplying their contact information.

o Use the pre-paid shipping label emailed to them to mail in a scarf.


Good Luck!

EltaMD; A MediSpa Maui Favorite

We all know about the importance of sunscreens and rightfully so.  Most notably, sunscreens block the photons of UV light which enter the skin knocking electrons off of atoms.  This creates a free radical cascade that damages cell membranes, vital cellular structures, breaks down collagen and elastin and creates DNA mutations that can go on to become skin cancers.  Over time, unprotected skin shows the ravages of the sun in the form of pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, thickened leathery skin and the fore mentioned skin cancers.  That is why you hear skincare experts and mothers around the world reminding us all to “Wear your Sun Screen!”  In fact, we should all wear sunscreen daily, making it a part of our morning routine and using extra when we will be out in the sun for prolonged periods.  So put it on and always make sure that you apply your sunscreen to clean, dry, oil free skin and allow up to 30 minutes before sun and especially water exposure.

Sunscreens have been classified into 2 main groups, Chemical and Physical.  Chemical sunscreens are compounds that bind to the skin and selectively absorb the photons of light as they enter.  Physical sunscreens such as micronized Zinc and Titanium sit on the surface of the skin.  It is often taught that physical sun screen sits on the surface and reflects the sun rays, but in fact, physical sunscreen actually absorbs the photons of UV light much like their chemical counterparts.  The real difference is how the sunscreens interact with the skin.  Chemical sunscreens absorb into the outer layers of the skin and physical sunscreens sit on the surface.  In the past, physical agents were not very water resistant but these days, physical blocking agents can be very water resistant.  Sun screens are available in formulations containing pure physical, pure chemical or a combination of the two.  It’s best to use one that contains the physical blockers solely or a combination.

As a cornerstone of skin cancer prevention and premature skin aging, the brands of sunscreen we carry says a lot about that company and the quality of the products they produce.  EltaMD™ is the main sunscreen brand that we use at MediSpa Maui.  We do so secondary to their commitment to superior products at a reasonable prices.  We recommend EltaMD because they provide safe, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection in natural zinc-based, cosmetically elegant formulations that are non-comedogenic, sensitivity free, fragrance free and paraben free.  This is important to us because our patients are looking for effective products that will not irritate their skin and because we need these ultra-pure products after many of our cosmetic procedures.  The EltaMD sun care line includes a complete spectrum of products, both pure physical and combinations, effective for every skin type and condition, daily wear and water/sweat-resistant.  Wearing an EltaMD sunscreen every day can help prevent signs of premature aging, protects against photodamage and prevents skin cancers and other sun-related skin diseases, so be sure you are using it daily!





EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46

For skin types including those prone to Acne, Rosacea or Hyperpigmentation.

9% Micronized Zinc Oxide, 5% Niacinamide, lightweight, Oil free facial sunscreen

This is far and away the most popular sunscreen in our office for acne prone and individuals with oily skin.  And because we have a large acne clinic, many of our patients enjoy the added benefits of this sun screen.  The added niacinamide has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and the product sits well on problematic skin.  This is an ideal day-wear for all skin types, how nice to be protected without even feeling like you’re wearing sunscreen.

EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45

For all skin types, including Oily

9% Micronized Zinc Oxide, light, oil-free face and/or body

This light, oil free sunscreen is also an excellent option for daily wear.  Our patients love it for use on the body and it’s great for those prone to chest and back acne.  If you need sweat/water resistant options, take a look at the UV Physical and UV Sport.

EltaMD UV Daily SPF 40

For Normal, Combination and Dry skin types

9% Micronized Zinc Oxide, Hyaluronic acid, light hydrating facial sunscreen

This sunscreen is popular as a daily-wear for our patients who have Normal, Dry or Combination skin.  It’s formulated for the face and protects your skin while the added hyaluronic acid hydrates, leaving your skin protected and feeling fresh and clean.  So put on your morning antioxidants and growth factors, your UV Daily, and your mineral powder (for the ladies), and you are ready to face the day!

EltaMD UV Sport SPF 50

For All Skin Types

9% Micronized Zinc Oxide, very water/sweat resistant, won’t drip in eyes/safe for children

As a surfer and skincare expert, Dr. Brian Stolley is determined to protect his skin, but every so often, the surf calls in the middle of the day.  And when it does, he wears UV Sport, as does his wife and kids on those great Maui beach days.  And if he is going to be in the water for an extended period of time, he will create a little extra protection, layering UV Physical over the Sport for extra solar armor.



EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41

For All Skin Types, Including Post-Procedure Skin

9% Micronized Zinc Oxide, water-resistant, tinted, oil free face and/or body

We initially brought this in purely as our post-procedure sunscreen and it quickly became popular with our patients and staff.  This pure physical, chemical free, tinted sunscreen is most regularly used on the face but can also be used on the body.  We advise to use it cautiously on the body as the tint comes off on clothing.

What is your favorite sunscreen?

To purchase EltaMD products, visit